What is the Cypher Harmonic Pattern?

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What is the Cypher Harmonic Pattern?

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Harmonic patterns offer high accuracy trading signals with the potential to reap significant profits. Trading signals will indicate the potential reversal of the trend to buy when the price is oversold or sell when the price is overbought. To find out how to trade using these Harmonic Patterns, we have previously studied basic harmonic patterns, among others; AB pattern = CD, Butterfly, Gartley, Crab and Bat. Next, we will discuss one more, namely the Cypher Harmonic Pattern.
What is the Cypher Harmonic Pattern?
The Cypher Harmonic pattern is a price pattern on the chart that indicates a potential trend reversal. Trading signals can be confirmed when the conditions for forming the Cypher Harmonic Pattern are met.افضل شركة تداول عملات
The Cypher Harmonics pattern is unique compared to other XABCD Harmonic Patterns (Butterfly, Gartley, Bat and Crab) because of the position of the legs that are upside down. Generally, the position of the first wing is sharper than the second wing. However, on the Cypher Harmonic Pattern the second wing position is sharper.
In the bullish version, the second wing (point C) is higher than the first wing (point A). Likewise in the bearish version, the wings are both jutting down rather than the first wing.
Point C is sharper than point A as an indication that the swing at the foot of XA will depart again with relatively strong strength, even though it has corrected (retrace) on the line AB. That is the reason why prices will again slide in the direction of the XA foot trend after prices retrace back to the CD line.شركات فوركس موثوقة
Because of this uniqueness, the Cypher Harmonic Pattern is relatively less common than other XABCD Harmonic Patterns. Even so, according to its inventor, Darren Oglesbee, the level of accuracy is claimed to be the highest.

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