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Giant Capital is a multinational fund management firm with experience fund managers from India and Ghana. All profit made by the company is shared among its members every day. Our versatile fund management team conduct lots of research in the commodity and the financial market, combine fundamental knowledge with technical analysis to project future performance of markets. These help us to secure clients funds in a safer environment and we are able to meet all targets and pay clients just as we agree. With Giant capital your funds are secured and safe.

Join Giant Capital Investment today with just 100 USD.

Your money works for you whiles you sleep. Giant Capital invests clients' funds in the foreign exchange market which has a daily turnover of about 6 trillion. Giant Capital takes advantage of this high liquidity in the market to double clients' funds. A high percentage of this profit is shared among all active members; each member receives at least 5% profit every month.

Giant Capital gives every member 70 USD commission on each client they bring on board. Registration is free. Register today and activate your account with only 100 USD to start earning. You have unlimited chance of earning from this company. If you can refer 10 clients every day, you will be paid an instant amount of 700 USD every day.

Join the chain of profit and live your dream today. With this great opportunity, you are at the cross road of becoming millionaire in just few months. Many have tried and have great life success and financial freedom in just 3months.

How it Works ?

We give you free 70 USD as a reward on every member you bring on board. You also get an instant 10 USD reward any time your down line introduces new client. All our payments are instant.

Benefits of it

* User without a client shall receive 5% profit share of his registration fee every month.

GHC-We Accept GHC[MTN PAYMENT] for MTN Mobile Money Payments in Ghana Only

USD-We Accept USD[PERFECT MONEY] for Clients all over the World.


You have unlimited opportunity to make any amount you desire in a day. For example, you are rewarded 70 USD on every client that you bring on board and also you get 10 USD reward from every client they introduce.

So if in a day you register/refer 20 clients, you will receive an instant payment of 70*20= 1400 USD in just one day.

In one month you will make 1400 * 30 = 43,000 USD Excluding your rewards from your down lines referals.

In 3months you make 43,000 * 3 = 129,000 USD Excluding your rewards from your down lines referals.

In 6months you get 129,000 * 6 = 774,000 USD Excluding your rewards from your down lines referals.

In 1year you make 127,000 * 12 = 1,524,000 USD Waw, with free membeship and a simple marketing approach you will make over 1 million USD in just 12months.

Ask yourself how much would I make then if I put in more effort to work on full time? Amazing..


Just make a deposit of 100 USD to become active and start earning.

It's Time To Get Started & Receive YOUR Part Of This Amazing Opportunity!

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